Street Team

Street Team will work with Street Team Organizer Lindsey to distribute posters and post cards throughout the Litchfield County area.


Set-up crew is needed on Friday throughout the day to mark out walkways and parking areas, help layout vendor spots and activity areas, run lights and cords, distribute trash receptacles and set up tents and stage areas.



Volunteers will be responsible for greeting festival guests and musicians, selling and securing the appropriate wrist band to each guest. The gate crew will be responsible for organizing and keeping written track of money and number of wristbands sold. Volunteers must be 18 or over for this volunteer position.

Stage Crew

Volunteers are needed to assist stage managers with moving equipment and resetting bands between sets. Some knowledge of stage functions would be helpful.

Field Crew

Volunteers will help to keep the field area organized and tidy, insuring all roadways are kept clear and passable. Assist in getting materials, info, and anything needed from place to place during the event.


Volunteers will assist fire police in parking areas.

Merchandise Tent

Volunteers will be responsible for tending the SRMF booth and helping with the musician’s merchandise sales. Attendants will be responsible for stocking, selling, and accounting for merchandise and money. Volunteers must be 18 or over.

Volunteers Needed for AIM booths

AIM’s Make and Take arts and crafts booth

AIM will provide various arts and crafts supplies for children to come in and make craft projects. Volunteers will assist children and families with the projects.


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