Produced by:

Darcy Abbott

Her passion for the arts and the positive impact they have on the human condition are evident in all she gives herself to.

She produces and hosts The HOT SPOT with Darcy on WAPJ Torrington 89.9 & 105.1 FM, where she bolsters the local music scene by interviewing and highlighting local musicians and playing all the local music she can get her hands on over the local airways.

This summer she is producing Still River Music Festival in Connecticut’s northwest corner, creating a platform to highlight local original artists, crafters, and vendors. She is also an active board member and the event coordinator for AIMforaBetterTomorrow, a non-profit organization that supports and creates art and music programming for at risk populations in multiple communities in the tri state area.

Visuals by:

Eric Grogan

I am a creative and talented graphic designer who has been in love with the field since i was a kid.  I find inspiration everywhere. As a child, I visualized patterns in the everyday movements of people and objects, and I was fascinated by natural phenomena like way the rainwater dances off of a leaf.  Thanks to my art education, as an adult I have come to see how sophisticated elements such as shadows and negative space can enhance a “text,” whether it is visual, verbal, or a combination of both. Design is art; art is inspiration; inspiration leads to artistic design.

My work experience varies from graphic design and marketing to photography.  I am a jack-of-all-trades and love what I do everyday!


Sound System by:

Sound Idea


Festival Kick Off in: